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The NuBeauty brand was inspired by several things but specifically my personal struggles with my skin during my early 20s. This happened shortly after college and I had never experienced such intense breakouts before so this was hard to deal with let alone accept the way my skin looked. I tried everything to get rid of the dark spots and constant breakouts, which resorted into me creating a lot of home remedies, which was not always the best. I bought Proactiv and used it for about a year and nothing changed, my skin became more dry and the breakouts were still coming. I used some of the most credible skincare brands out there but they were too harsh for my skin. I was devastated and started to think I would never find a solution. I used a ton of over the counter products and topical creams that I thought would help but it created an even bigger problem! After about two years of no progress I decided to visit a dermatologist, that visit changed my life!


I had tons of questions and wanted to know why it happened and how I could prevent it from happening again! Prior to my appointment I knew that this was an issue with a lot of women but while expressing my concerns with the dermatologist it confirmed why I needed to create product(s) that could help women with those stubborn breakouts and help breakthrough that barrier. That dermatologist gave me my confidence back and if I could add just a ounce of reassurance to a woman then I'm in the right business! NuBeauty & Co. Skincare Collection was created for all skin types. Our products are easy on the skin but also fights hard against stubborn breakouts and blemishes. Our products are created to maintain healthy skin and provide a nourishing glow with natural ingredients. Join the movement of #selflove #selfcare and #glowing skin we cant wait to see your beautiful faces!

Personal Journey

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